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How to Access the Window Tools and Applications Using Command Prompt.

As you know many of the tool that are available in the window but we don't know all the things.......
So today i am going to show you how to we run these program with the help of command prompt..
So you can open these all the application or tool with using your command prompt.

So before using these application you just open your command prompt......

Open command prompt in window 7

First way:
 Open Start menu, click on All Programs, Accessories, and on Command Prompt.

Second way:
Open the start menu, and type cmd in the search box and press Enter.

And then your prompt will open then you type these command and use these application and tools.

Disk Cleanup 

Command Name= cleanmgr.exe
This command is used for delete the unnecessary disk file and dead shortcut.
This command is open also in run command.

Registry Editor 

Command Name= regedt32.exe or regedit.exe 
This command is used For tweaking Windows Registry.

System Monitor 

Command Name= perfmon.exe) 
This command is used for  monitors the system process and performance

DirectX diagnosis 

Command Name= dxdiag.exe
This command is used for Diagnose and test video cards and see the system information and display information.

Character Map 

Command Name = charmap.exe
This command is used To get some other characters like scientific characters.

Private character editor

Command Name=eudcedit.exe 
We can create characters in windows with the help of this command.

IExpress Wizard 

Command Name=iexpress.exe 
This command is used to Create self-extracting / self-installing packages.

Microsoft Synchronization Manager

Command Name=mobsync.exe
This command is used to see the window synchronization result. 

ODBC Data Source Administrator 

Command Name=odbcad32.exe 
This command is used to change the ODBC Data settings.

Object Packager 

Command Name=packager.exe 
This command is used for packaging of help files.

Remote Access phone book 

Command Name=rasphone.exe
This command is used to see and add the phone book.

File signature verification tool 

Command Name=sigverif.exe 
To help maintain the integrity of your  system. critical files have een digitally signed so that any changes to these files can be quickly detected.

Network shared folder wizard 

Command Name=shrpubw.exe 
This command is used to creates administrative and other shares on the network.

System Configuration Editor

Command Name=sysedit.exe 
This command is used To modify System.ini & Win.ini just like in Win98.


Command name= syskey.exe
This command is used to Encrypt all the password in windows.

Window System

Command name=winver.exe
This command is used to know about the window system.

Window firewall

Command name=wf.msc
This command is used to manage the window firewall and advanced security in window.


Command name=write.exe
This command is used to open  the wordpad editor.

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