Monday, February 24, 2014


ZDlock Not Allow You to Run Android-Application Outsiders

For most users, the Android platform in their devices, there are several applications that would like to hide from strangers. For example, programs that allow you to work with bank accounts, corporate e-mail, social networks, customers and other offers that need to limit unauthorized access.

The first thing that comes to mind most, set the screen lock. However, there is another, more effective way. Individual applications within their tablet or smartphone based on Android will protect utility ZDlock.

Using a small free program can make the task a password to run selected applications that will need to enter PIN-code or unlock pattern. Members may also be defined "fake cover", which will appear on the image that mimics the application crash, when it starts.

Five Features Guarding Your Privacy Info...

Pattern Lock & Number Lock
Simple and elegant interface to unlock.

Fake Cover
Fake a crash dialogue cover to prevent others from entering , and only you know the crack method !

Theme Shop
Rich themes for you to choose , all for free now !

Anti-Uninstall Protection
Lock system installer to prevent others from uninstalling ZDlock itself.

 Security Question
Reset your forgotten password by setting security question.


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  1. Hi.. plzzz any one sujjest me i forgot my pattern ... zdlock

  2. Hi.. plzz anyone help me r sujjest me i forgot my zdlock pattern.. how can i open tht..

    1. what is your mobile company brands....can you tell me then i can easily understand your problem and i will help you.......

  3. I forgot my zdlock pattern.. how can i get it back


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