Monday, December 30, 2013


How to Change MAC Address Of Your Computer

As you know MAC Address is a Media Access Control Address unique identifier assign to network interface for communication on the physical network segment. 
If you want to know that what is your mac address in your computer then go to this link "How To Find MAC Address in your computer" .

Today i am showing you how to you change your mac address in your computer. This is very simple step you just follow the steps.

Follow These Steps

Step 1:
You just open your Control Panel and search Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2:

After clicking this option you get a new window and there you just click the option Change Adapter Setting  

Step 3:-

 Now you get a another window you just select Local Area Connection and Double Click.

Step 4:-

And then again open a new window you just select the option Client For Microsoft Network and Click the Configure.. button. And After That Select the Advance Tab and Select the Network Address.
Now change the value of the given address according to your choice. and finally Click Ok Button.

Now You can check your mac address is change..if you don't know how you check your mac address then go to this link "How To Change Your Computer mac Address."

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