Sunday, December 15, 2013


How to Find Out Your MAC Address In Your Computer System.

Do you know "What is MAC Address ?"
Actually it is a Media Access Control Address unique identifier assign to network interface for communication on the physical network segment.
So i will tell you how to find your computer system mac address easily.
  • First of all open RUN for that you click the Start Button and search RUN and type CMD and press Enter key, Or You can directly search CMD and click ok.

  • After that you will appear a window that is command prompt window.  In this window you type getmac and press Enter key.
  • After that you will find your mac address in the same window.

So you will get your MAC address your computer..

Third Party Application

You can also get your mac address with the help of third party application then application name is MACAddressView.
Before using this application first you download this application from given Link
 Click For Download

 No need to install this software in your computer. it is portable and you just simply click on the MACAddressView  Setup and you will get a window there are one option 

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