Wednesday, December 11, 2013


IOS Users And Windows User Can Take Advantage of Cloud Storage Files Mega 50 GB

Once a popular file sharing was closed MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom developer was open cloud storage type, which suggests using 50 GB of memory and file encryption technology that will apply for additional protection resources.

The speed limit download and upload files will now depend on the speed of your Internet Service Provider(ISP). There will be no restrictions and under the file size that is transmitted. Data within the service will be encrypted and available only if you enter the username and password that will be known to the user.

Within the cloud service can be carried out Mega download as individual files or entire folders. To do this, select the menu under the appropriate section. To communicate with your friends will need to open access under the folder. Separate form will be filled with data, which indicates that e-mail, who has the right to access your folder.

If You want to Use This Cloud Storage the you just go to this Link and Register with you Id and Password.......and enjoy with free storage for 50 GB.

Android User Can Download This app From Here

iOS User Can Download This app from Here 

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  1. Their managers has some of the best customer service skills ever. When I called once to ask about changing unit sizes. The person who answered was perfectly nice & helpful.


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