Monday, March 31, 2014


oneSafe allow Windows Phone users to manage passwords

Lunabee Pte was presented its new product oneSafe, which will safely store data about accounting and manage the platform Windows Phone.

Within the practice of global scale is not recommended to use the same password for accounts of different types. At first glance, this is quite an easy task. However, the reality often users encounter problems when forget which password belongs to which account. Especially because for each account, you must create a user name and password, and hence, the memory is loaded twice as strong.

To avoid discomfort and a quick visit to any acanthus almost every platform there is a built password manager. At the same time using a special tool can generate code more reliable order than loved by many ordinary repetition of numbers. One such application is oneSafe for Windows Phone.


• OneDrive backup
• The highest level of encryption available; AES 256 to give watertight protection from any possible cyber attack.
• Email backup function to safeguard your information 
• Multiple authentication methods to choose from 
• Ready-made categories to better organize your information 
• In-built password generator to create strong passwords. 


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