Wednesday, March 26, 2014


SnipDock - easy to work with screenshots

Usually most programs screen capture work is carried out within the background, just press the hot key and the screen will be saved on the PC, then you can print it or download on the Internet. However, if you need to screen all the time in the field of view, you should use the utility SnipDock, which will greatly facilitate the task.
With the help of a tiny program SnipDock can create any screens and place them under the left side of the screen that the user had a chance to glance at the screen at times, without switching to the application. The window size of the program SnipDock may increase or adapt to any application software.
To operate, simply press the button Snip Screen, and image capture will be displayed with the left side of the screen.


  • Snip Screen: snip whatever portion of the screen interests you.
  • Dock: This snipped image will be docked on a screen edge or as a floating popup.
  • Whatever be the size of the image, the dock will automatically adjust its size. When docked, no other program can encroach the space used by SnipDock, even if they are maximized.
  • You can zoom in or zoom out of the image by scrolling your mouse on the image.
  • Any image snipped will be automatically stored in your Pictures folder. So you could also use SnipDock just to snip screen and store the images.



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