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How to troubleshoot Android Smart Lock Trusted Places feature


The Android Smart Lock feature is very brilliant when it actually works.

Android Smart Lock features introduced around 2014's. The basic idea behind Smart lock to make securing your smartphone less inconvenient, for that you all actually use a pattern, PIN, pass-code, or a fingerprint to keep your data safe. 

I saw many of people has issue with there smart lock trusted. they have question like, "smart lock trusted places not working 2020", "android 10 smart lock not working", "android smart lock trusted devices not working " , "smart lock trusted devices not working". do not worry about this issue. please go through the below post and i believe after following these steps your problem will resolve.

If talk about Smart Lock's Trusted Places functions, which provides you to set a specific physical location such as your home, your office, or whatever — at which your phone will automatically stay unlocked. Whenever you're at that location, your phone will skip over the standard lock screen and let you get stuff done without the need for any authentication. And when you're anywhere else, your standard security method will show up and apply.

 This ticks will absolutely works but not always forever typically for a fair amount of time. And it takes all of around 60 seconds to do.

There are two steps to fix Android Smart Lock Trusted Places features.


We need to force Google's location system to reset its memory for whatever trusted location you've created. This is the key to getting the Trusted Places part of Smart Lock working properly again.

So here's the trick:

 1. Open up the Google Maps app on your phone.

2. After that tap your profile picture in the app's upper-right corner, then select "Settings" then select  "Edit home or work." 

3. Tap the three-dot on right corner icon next to the line labeled "Home," and "Work," or whatever location is giving you trouble, and then select the "Edit" option ("Edit home," "Edit work," etc.) from the menu that will show.


4. On the map that appears next, use your finger to drag the pin representing your location so the address at the top of the screen changes . Tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, but this time, drag the pin back to your location's correct address. Make sure to tap the Save button again when you're done with correct address. 



We only few steps ahead to do here: Just tap the notification shown above, and you should be taken into the Trusted Places section of your Android Smart Lock settings. There, your phone should show you to use the "new" address as your Trusted Place location. And you need to  tap "Yes."

In case you didn't get that notification or maybe you dismissed it mistaken you just need to go to the mobile system settings, search for Smart Lock, then head into that section and tap the "Trusted Places" line. You'll probably have to enter your PIN, pattern, or password first as a security. Tap the line labeled "Trusted Places," then tap the line representing the location you just adjusted and look for the "Turn on this location" prompt at the bottom of the screen.

Tap that, and you should be back in business  with your Smart Lock Trusted Places feature working properly again.

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